An alternative way to increase your wealth

An alternative way to increase your wealth

As an alternative to cash, stocks and bonds or other forms or investment for profit, there are companies that offer a safer and more stable way of increasing income. These companies offer investments in commodities or ways of investing that do not follow a long-established path.  One such well-known company, located in the Kwun Tong area, a bustling and profitable district of Hong Kong, is Davenport LaRoche.

Davenport LaRoche real estate investment

What the Company offers

This company gives you an opportunity to invest in commodities as an alternative to stock or liquid money investments. They offer you investments in gemstones, hard metals and shipping containers and real estate. The Davenport LaRoche real estate investment is ideal for those who want to invest but don’t want the problems associated with owning a property as a landlord. The property is bought by a group of investors and managed in a way that none of them has to fulfil the responsibilities of a landlord. Gemstones are a safe investment and help when the stock market is low. The Company offers gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

  • Gold: Since the year 2000 Gold has appreciated almost 500%. It is perhaps the safest and the best to fight inflation. It has been and is, the favourite among investors.
  • Silver: is attractive as a precious metal. It is more volatile than gold but still offers a good safety net for times of inflation. Its price is tied up with the economic cycle and can, therefore, appreciate during times of prosperity.
  • Platinum like gold is a great investment to fight inflation. It is used in jewellery, industry and electronics and is therefore guaranteed to be in demand for a long time.
  • Palladium is the newest precious metal. It gets much of its value from industrial use.

The Shipping Containers

The principal investment the Company offers is through shipping containers. Containers today have transformed world trade. Investors can earn more than 24% annually by investing in them. You can invest in shipping containers of various sizes and these are given to shipping clients for a fee, a lease. You get earnings on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on what plan you choose. If you buy five or more containers you get monthly payments and if you have a lesser quantity you are reimbursed on a quarterly basis.

The Company is one of the best companies in the field whose objective is to increase client wealth through alternative investing.

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