The Team Behind The Camera

The Team Behind The Camera

When you are watching your favorite film, are you considering knowing the people behind the production of it?

Every success of a film is a team that works together to achieve their goal for the viewers. But who are these people behind every film? This team is also called the film crew. This team is a group of people for the purpose of producing a film or motion picture, and these are:



The role of the producer is one of the most important in filmmaking. The producer is the one who controls and supervises the fundraising, people, and hiring of the crew. He is the most involved throughout the process of filmmaking, from the initial deliberation, planning, execution, and completion of the project.

The Team Behind The Camera

In the production, there are many people who are involved in the team, namely:

  • Executive Producer
  • Line Producer
  • Production Assistant
  • Production Manager
  • Assistant Production Manager
  • Unit Manager
  • Production Coordinator
  • First Assistant Director
  • Production Accountant
  • Unit Publicist
  • Legal counsel
  • System Administrator

As we can see, the producer has a significant role in the film making industry. It is because of the financial support they give in every film. One of the known American media companies, nowadays, is Relativity Media. This known diversified company and full-scale film studio were founded in the year 2004 by Ryan Kavanaugh. This man is known to be the currently 21st highest-grossing producer in Hollywood. He produced or financed more than 200 films already. He is known to structure more than $10 billion to the filmmaking industry, wherein he creates and provides funds for the studios of Sony, Warner Bros., Universal, and many more.

Currently, he is working to be the principal of Proxima or known as the Proxima Media. This company works on numerous best films and still finance structures. Also, he is the executive producer of David Fincher’s The Social Network. This is a well-known biographical drama film in the year 2010, wherein it was released in the United States by the Columbia Pictures. Through the film production of this great movie, he received eight nominations in the 83rd Academy Awards. Also, this film was voted as the best film in the 2010s by Esquire.

The producing team and company have a vital role in making great films nowadays. The well-known personality, like Ryan Kavanaugh, has been continuing to support and finance filmmaking projects that are aiming the best for the viewers.

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