The Ultimate Guide on Choosing Zone Valves

Zone valves are one of the many important foundation of keeping your home safe for children and economically working. Of course, all of house wants a stable home and a modernized touch to it. Thus, incorporating zone valves can be a good help.

These valves basically helps in improving the HVAC efficiency of a building by diving the structure into multiple zones. These zones ideally works more better for a larger home or building that need ways to conserve heat and air.

You can place zone valves on the first floor, second and third of the building or home. This is a way to permit more detailed control of heat distribution in a building. And basically, to keep your home or building a good place to reside in.

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Now, to help you carefully choose the best zone valves without defects, here are a few points and tips you need to know.

best working zone valves

Checking for Defects

To get the best working zone valves, you need to make sure that you bought and order the best- The best without defects! Here are common points to identify that your zone valves have defects.

1 Zone valve that are not working. It may be jammed, stuck, or does not open in response to call for heat at that zone. Provided the wiring and thermostat are correct and operating, if no hot water flows past the valve on a call for heat it may be jammed and need for a better replacement.

2 Zone valves that are installed on the hot side or boiler. Outside of the heating piping loop, exposing the valve to higher and more stressful temperatures. This may be an indication of a defect valve.

3 Zone valve that are installed backwards. Ideally, the valve must be installed properly so that the arrow on the valve body matches the direction of flow of the hot water. So if it is installed backwards this may call an immediate replacement of your valves.

4 Zone valve with covers off. This scenario may indicate overheating and jamming so to not let that happen make sure you have your valves replaced, or prior to buying, checked first.

5 Zone valve with its manual lever left in the manual “on” position. This may clearly indicate that the valve does not work, the forced must be in “always on” status.

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