IP address of the router

IP address of the router

About the router

This is the device of networking and acts as sender to forward the data packets amid the computer networks. This is generally used in home and office and connects to the internet through ISP. This means internet service provider. This have many applications like providing the connectivity, connecting two computers and devices and used for research and academic facilities. The performance of the traffic directing functions is carried out by routers on the internet. Modem and router are not same, they are different and for establishing internet connection, router should be connected to the modem.

establishing internet connection

The IP address

Ip means internet protocol. This is a unique label and a numerical one which is provided to each and every device which is connected to the network. These are generally viewed or written in the human readable notations. The size of the prefix of the routing is designated in CIDR notation. The progressive version of internet protocol IPv4 is the IPv6. The two functions of IP address are:

  1. network or host interface identification
  2. local addressing

you can find your IP address in the following way:

  • click on start menu
  • type cmd
  • press enter on cmd applications
  • in command line window, type ipconfig
  • press enter
  • look for IPv4 address

IP address of the router

let’s get started about the router ip address. The manufacturers of this router usually or commonly use the IP address as or this is the default IP address. This will be assigned by the cable modem dynamically. There are many manufacturers for these routers. You can log in to your router by opening your web browser and just type the IP address of the router. Then you have to enter your username and the password to log in in the router so that you will be connected to the internet. All the routers can be retrieved through the web and this can be fixed by using the IP address. There are different operating systems and the way to find the IP address will vary.

The different operating systems are windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android.

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