Everything You Need To Know About Loris Greaud

If you want to see the works of an artist who knows how to erase the boundaries between fiction and reality, you should see the works of Loris Greaud. He is a conceptual artist who developed projects that are always engaging. His works and his exhibitions can always be seen as punctual and necessary materializations of his different projects and most of these involve mediums like sculpture, painting, installation, video, and also performance.

Loris Greaud Works

Loris Greaud works is usually organized into projects, unlike other artists who make it into exhibitions. His very first project is called “Silence goes more quickly when played backward” and it took place in Plateau/Frac île-de-France in 2005. This was the project that paved his way into the international art scene. In 2008 he was the first artist that was ever granted to use the Palais de Tokyo in Paris for his projects that he named “Cellar Door.”

Loris Greaud Works

He continued to develop this project at ICA in London, Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen in Switzerland, at the museum La Conservera de Murcia in Spain, and at Vienna Kunsthalle in Austria, and it ended at Art Basel with the publication of the catalog by JRP Ringier that featured the entire project. Although many international collectors and museums wanted a piece of his work, Loris Greaud chooses to appear only in galleries and markets and this happen only occasionally.

He had only one double exhibition in galleries that solely represent him like “The Unplayed Notes” that was presented in 2012 at the Pace Gallery in New York, then the Yvon Lambert Gallery in Paris. In 2013, Loris Greaud was the very first artist to be invited to have a joint exhibit with the Louvre and Pompidou center in Paris. His double exhibition called “Loris Greaud” was a free pass to the public and it was helpful in the courtyard of the museums where it avoided the usual places of the two institutions.

Loris Greaud – The Knight In The Order of Arts and Letters

 He was appointed as the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres or the Knight In The Order of Arts and Letters in 2014 and he also became the first artist who took over the entire space of Dallas Contemporary in the USA in his 2015 “The Unplayed Notes Museum.” He rarely participated in group shows since 2010 and he just focused on developing his personal projects.

Loris Greaud is always seen in the media and is recognized even by international critics as one of the most important influential artists. However, since the time that he became a public figure, he refused to allow his biography to be published. This is the reason why the biographies that find out there are mostly incomplete while others are just incorrect.