Verifying Your New Gambling Website

Verifying Your New Gambling Website

A big day is coming, and its developer tells you that your gambling site is finally ready for publication. But have you checked everything?

Here is a simple checklist that will remind you what to try before leaving your new gambling website:

1. Check all links. Click on them and make sure that you are finished where you should be. You can try using the link checking tool as shown below. But if the link goes to the wrong place, it will not tell you, it will only tell you if they are broken.

2. Ensure that pages are displayed for all types of browsers. If you are an Adobe user, you can try it for free in ํ† ํ† ๋จนํŠ€. Otherwise, let your friends browse and let you know with their various systems and browsers. They will not mind until it is too often!

3. Check the contact form. Send an email and see if it returns as expected. It’s amazing how many people forget to do it.

Gambling Site

4. Check your email links. Like before. Ideally, your gambling site should not have links for e-mail, because as soon as spammer robots collect them, you will receive spam forever.

5. Check your online store. If you have an online store that makes a purchase, ask your developer to make an inexpensive test item and place it on your gambling site so that you can complete the whole process and check for errors. He does not want to hear from his clients that this does not work.

6. Verify that your CMS is working. Run the entire process you after the demo ends to make sure you understand the instructions and everything works as expected.

7. Check pages without output. Make sure that when viewing the gambling site there are no pages on which you cannot navigate. Of course, you can use the “Back” button, but not everyone knows this and does not want to upset your visitors.

8. Google Analytics. If you installed this, make sure that you can read the reports and that the data is coming. Sometimes the code is copied incorrectly and nothing appears in the report except a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark.

Finally, make sure your friends and family look good, and let them know if something is not working or uncomfortable. However, the hint does not allow your family to change the design of your gambling site, you and your web designer spent a lot of time doing it right, and it is always useful to maintain a good working relationship with the designer of your gambling site. (Of course, I am not indifferent to this). Then “Live” and good luck!

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