All About Palmistry Reading And Prediction

All About Palmistry Reading And Prediction

Palmistry is about predicting events of future by using the features of the palm like lines,shapes and spots. It endeavors to foresee the future of the person and their palm.  To know more about palmistry, please click here to get more information.


It has been practicing since many years. It helps people to get information of their fears, strengths, emotional tendencies and the blockages they have in their lives. it is a study that supports the connection between mind and body which helps an individual to understand the positive thinking and patterns of negativity. It is more of a Pseudoscience which recommends that Palm Reading is system of assumptions.


It is said to believed by the Palmists that our hands are the map of our life.  The astrological reading relates to every part of our hand like the palm lines, their position and length of the fingers. These signs help us to understand an individual which includes the length of the hand, lines, color, size etc.

Spiritual Concern

Palm Reading is a type of divination and is more of astrology than science. Every religion has its own perspective towards divination. Christianity condemns divination whereas Islam prohibits divination, also adding to this Islam condemns fortune tellers & magicians.

And Judaism does not prohibit divination but it suggests people to be away from all this. And Palmistry, Astrology, Tarot Cards all these are found in Buddhism but these techniques are not prohibited nor even are encouraged. Hinduism is a religion that encourages Divination and is even credited for the start of the fortune telling.

Many people believe palmistry is very dangerous for an individually in terms of physical, psychological and spiritual. Palmistry has many risks associated with it like false medication diagnosis and predictions.

There are four major lines of the palm

First is the Heart line, where the line upper top line that lies above the mid-section and extends from the thumb to other side of the hand in a straight line.

Second is the Head line, it is the line just below the heart line which lies in the middle of the hand.

Third is the life line which starts from  Bottom Mid and goes on across the thumb side being just under the Head Line.

Fourth is the Fate Line which again begins from Bottom-Mid and arches upwards and goes beyond the Heart Line. it is not necessary for everyone to have it.

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