The Story of Inspiration From A Skilled Man – Hamed Wardak

The Story of Inspiration From A Skilled Man – Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak grew up a talented boy who, at a very early age, had shown signs of remarkable mental ability. Hamed Wardak has exhibited not only analytical strength with a brief and varied professional history behind him but also chameleon-like versatility of thinking paired with a concentrated, imaginative attitude to his professional assignments that usually put Hamed one move ahead of the curve. Raised 1977 in Kabul, Afghanistan, Hamed Wardak was the son of Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak. He passed the more significant portion of his formative years between both the United States and Pakistan.

A Quick Note To Know Wardak More

            In 1997, Hamed Wardak graduated from Georgetown University with a Valedictorian degree in Government and Political Theory. Hamed Wardak was also the first recipient to earn the coveted and influential Rhodes Scholarship upon graduating from Georgetown University. Following his triumphant educational success in the U.S., Hamed Wardak returned directly to his native land of Afghanistan to support those in need during the Afghan Civil War. After fighting the good fight for the liberties of his country, Wardak returned swiftly to the U.S. and rapidly established himself as a global business leader operating with corporate heavyweights such as Merrill Lynch and Technologists Inc. Technologists, Inc. has worked as a U.S. government strategic planner and consultant to construct and support enterprise growth programs in partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. International Development Agency (USAID). Under the authority of Hamed Wardak, Technologists, Inc. has produced $44 million in design and has made various foreign deals to support Afghanistan.

Music and Business

Hamed Wardak

            Absorbing several business lectures, Wardak saw a technical journey at his disposal. Taking a smart and quick right turn from the corporate field of industry, Wardak welcomed his entrepreneurial preparation and went on to establish his sporting apparel-specializing clothing line, Ludas Athletics. Hamed Wardak spent his days planting and watering the seeds of his growing enterprise, but when the businessman finished up for the day at the workplace, Hamed Wardak did not stop there. Wardak picked up his politically oriented pen and started moonlighting with The Huffington Post as a contributing writer. Ludas Athletics, however, was not your run of the mill clothing store. Strategically, Hamed Wardak developed and used his new company as a forum to raise global recognition of many philanthropic activities that Wardak had begun working and battling for from a very early age on. Hamed Wardak has been an agent of transformation for the world’s refugee community, not only devoting his energy and creative solutions to their suffering but also reserving Ludas Athletics’ income for UNHCR. In terms of philanthropy, Wardak aims to ease the lives of the struggling people expelled from their homes even as he was at a young age. Wardak often devotes a part of each week to creating educational opportunities for vulnerable and underserved children worldwide. This humanitarian work continually shapes and refocuses Wardak, pushing him to make the career life-altering decisions he has made. When questioned how to develop a good company, Hamed Wardak emphasizes that attracting the best talent available, irrespective of the organization is vital. He claims that the best talent will come fitted with a generous core ready to work hard to accomplish both technical and philanthropic achievements. Wardak claims that many young people are coming into today’s skilled workplace with a highly built arsenal of expertise and empathetic quality of sharing. And now, managers do not necessarily have the initiative to attempt to search for them.

            Too much progress poses the problem at such an early age: How can Hamad Wardak stay motivated? He claims to perform well comes, in part, from doing healthy and taking good physical and mental care of oneself. He practices a rigorous exercise schedule that requires early morning in-gym workouts that can last up to three hours or more. Often, Wardak utilizes his love for his work, the techno/electronica music that Valen of Wicked makes to energize and excite him daily. Currently, Hamad Wardak creates electronic music with cutting edge and cultural emphasis. His success alias name is Valen of Wicked. The musical landscape of Wicked’s Valen is raw but painstakingly crafted, angry but thought-provoking, and full of the passion that drives his artist.

            “Valen” symbolizes Wardak’s character’s integrity and bravery, created by the many obstacles he has faced in life up to now. “Wicked” taps into the fear which is being embedded inside us all. In the case of Hamed Wardak or Valen of Wicked, this shadow continues to glow as he transforms it through a fascinatingly real musical supply that can be heard worldwide from New York to Rio, from Ibiza to Hong Kong, in electronic music stages.


            It requires a wide range of skills and a large amount of training to produce high-quality electronic music. Hamed Wardak infuses those virtues along with fastidious self-control and hungry ambition that led him straight through his musical efforts to excel in the business ventures of his early years. Hamed Wardak, now Valen of Wicked, once again has put himself ahead of the curve with a youthful mastery of electronic technologies, sound engineering technology, and a strong knowledge of the industrial music panoramics.


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