Metal Plasma Cutter Device

With electrically conductive supplies, metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum are cut by accelerating hot plasma. Often, plasma cutting is used in automotive repairs and restoration, fabrication shops, industries, construction, scrapping and salvage operations. Plasma cutting is seen everywhere from hobbyist shops to professional welding shops to private garages to large scale industries, due to its accurate and clean cuts as well as its affordable price and availability in latest technology, such as hypertherm plasma cutter.From the past decade, many new high quality models of plasma cutter have emerged with thinner plasma arc and small nozzle, that helps to cut the material fast and accurate, allowing near-laser precision on plasma cut edges. Various manufacturers have combines precise CNC control with plasma torches to allow fabricators to yieldproductswith little finishing or sometimes no finishing.

Characeteristics of Plasma Cutters

plasma cutter to run off bobcat

Every model of plasma cutters have its own features and specifications, but the main objective of them is to make it easy for welders and other professionals to improve their quality of work with powerful and precise cutting capabilities resulting in most value for your money.If we look into Hypertherm Plasma cutter features; this device is executed at high level with top notch cutting tool that helps to cut various metals. This device use  higher energy levels for cutting stronger and thicker metals and is connected to both gas and power supply with two plugs of different Voltage power, to complete the work fast,one can connect it to high volt power plug. The device cuts materials precisely on thin metals and can cut up to 5/8’’ metals. The device works without noise, with higher precision and speed, and also it is easy to operate with several control interfaces. To make cutting safe and stable, the device lets you to avoid high frequency interference from the plasma stream effectively.

Specifications of Hypertherm

Specific features that need to be consider to buy a Hypertherm plasma cutter is: Power supply, at 120-240 V and gas supply that is clean with oil free air or nitrogen, and recommended gas inlet at 113.1 liter per minute, weight of torch, dimensions along with handles, engine drive input requirement and more. And the device can be scheduled to maintenance with 24 hour back up, and it is easy to carry out repairs.