Awesome Glass Kettles A long way from the Stove top

Awesome Glass Kettles A long way from the Stove top

Electric KattleThe generation today will no longer experience waiting in front of a gas stove, waiting for the water to boil from a steel kettle. What they have now are true, “plug and play” electric kettles. Not stainless steel, not plastic but Borosilicate Glass, very tough and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. These kettles make a great addition to any kitchen, perfect for your coffee or tea needs. A kitchen for many people is a place to relax and a way to escape the hustle and bustle. Some are meditative even. These new glass kettles are not only aesthetically pleasing but utilitarian as well. They come in many colors and designs that will surely match any kitchen theme.

The features also vary and cater to everyone’s needs, from the super simple and utilitarian to the ones with advanced features and more bling. Some would have thin, elegant glass but super strong. Most will have no contact with plastic parts, so you do not get that plasticky taste in your beverage. Remember the whistling sound when water comes to a boil? Yes, it can still do that but now you can choose “tones” to let you know when the water is already boiling. Some of the best electric glass kettle can be found online, and they are just a swipe and a click away.

Other more advanced features are led lighting INSIDE the kettle itself, lighting up the water as it boils. It also changes color when water boils. Most have an automatic shut off function when sensing the water is in a rolling boil. SOme would have a base that is independent of the carafe. This allows you to serve coffee or tElectric Kattleea without the hassle of tangling wiring. Others have a filter that prevents water calcification on the edges of the kettle. Handles usually incorporate a button for opening the lid. The lid itself usually has a slow opening mechanism to avoid spillage and scalding hot steam from reaching or harming anyone.

These glass kettles are awesome additions to any kitchen. Matching it to the theme of any kitchen will be a breeze as there are almost limitless options of colors and design to choose from. Some can be set to the exact temperature that you need and set it up so it maintains that temperature. This is very important, especially in tea preparation. They work very quickly and is applicable for any hot beverage you may want to prepare.

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