Energy Saving TIPS When Using Your Electric Space Heater At Home

A review from a website talks about why electric space heaters are the best choice for most buyers. There may be plenty of options in the market these days but the electric space heater really catches the attention of many interested purchasers. Electric space heaters should also have a safety feature to avoid overheating or causing a short circuit.  A tip-over switch, an overheat sensor and a touch sensor is a must.

TOP Rated Handy Heater

TOP Rated Handy Heater Of 2018

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater. This is one of the best portable heaters that you can carry anywhere with you because it is both lightweight and compact. It can produce an impressive amount of heat in such a small heater.

Ontel Products Corp Handy Heater Plug-in. This is a compact and lightweight handy heater. It is quiet and has an adjustable thermostat. It uses 350 watts of energy which is economical compared to the other products in this list.

Unique Heat Next Gen Heater. This is using patented infrared heat technology. It has 3 settings and a very easy-to-use device. This is the most recommended heater with kids and pets. It comes with an infrared filter that can be easily removed and washed when needed.

Honeywell HCE100. This heater works noiselessly, perfect for household use. At 2-feet high, it can easily warm up a room. This is energy-efficient because of its 170-watt and 250-watt power settings.

Holmes Portable Desktop Heater. One of the smallest device in the list yet very effective as well. It is compact and lightweight and has the ability to prevent your nose and throat from drying out. It is very efficient and the heat is fan forced.

Energy Saving Tips With Space Heaters

One of the main reasons why we purchase space heaters is to save energy and pay lesser on our electricity bills. However, when these types of equipment are not used properly, you will end up paying more. We don’t want that to happen, so here are some energy saving tips for you.

  • Use Space Heaters Sparingly. Remember that you should only use these portable heaters when you really need it. This can be used when you need to extra heat in one room, not the entire house. Electric use may be cheaper compared to using natural gas or oil, electric heating can cost higher.
  • Turn Down The Furnace. To increase your cost savings, turn down your furnace to 55°F. Put the space heater in your child’s room or in a regularly used spot like your office or the space in the living room where you love to read. Heating up smaller spaces are easy and cheaper.
  • Check The Wattage And Heater Size. Before you make a purchase, make sure that you already checked the wattage and size rating that is usually listed on the space heater itself. Choose the right size perfect for the room.
  • Automatic Temperature Control. There are space heaters that have built-in automatic temperature control. This is a good feature to look into to avoid overheating the room. The device will automatically turn on and off depending on your setting.

Knowing how to use your space heater efficiently will help you get the most out of the reason why you bought a space heater in the first place. Usually, portable heaters or space heaters are only used when the central heating system is too costly to use. Other than that, it is the most practical choice when you just want to warm up a small space for a short period of time.