Guide to buying the best remote-controlled truck for the money

Remote controlled trucks are those trucks that can be controlled by the use of specialized remotes or controllers. These trucks come with either wired or wireless controllers. The wireless one’s function on the concept of the radio-frequency link. These trucks are mainly powered through rechargeable batteries such as Lithium-ion, Lithium-polymer or Nickel Cadmium.

Various different types of remote-controlled trucks are available in the market today. Some of these trucks run well on rough surfaces and tough terrains but some are only able to run well on smooth surfaces due to the way they have been engineered. The ones with good off-roading capabilities come with features like – good suspension mechanism, tough tires that can handle any terrain and anything that is thrown at them, and a four-wheel drive system.

RC trucks

Some of the best remote-controlled trucks thatare available in the market today are listed below –

  • Volcano EXP Redcat Racing Truck5
  • Maisto R/C Rock Crawler
  • Click N’ Play
  • Remote Control Car Distianert
  • New Bright 2430
  • Top Race RC Rock Crawler
  • Blexy Off-Road RC Car
  • Greek per Electric RC Car
  • CrossRace
  • Traxxas Bigfoot

Apart from the New Bright 2430 which has a 2WD system, all the other RC trucks run on a 4WD system, thereby enabling them to run well on any terrain.

Out of all the remote-controlled trucks that are mentioned above, the Volcano EXP Redcat Racing Truck is the best rc truck for the money since it comes with a 4-wheel drive system, the ability to drive forward as well reversing capability which comes in handy when you want to quickly change directions. It also comes with a 4 GHz radio transmission system that gives you better control over the truck even on long distances.