Know the Omega 3 6 9 Benefits for Your body

The human body is made up of many complex compounds and chemicals that are essential for human health and growth. There are amino acids and fatty acids that help you to grow and form an important part of human diet. The fatty acids are fats that are not processed by the body and thus, must be obtained from diet. The fatty acids that are gained from food help in improving biological processes within the body and create compounds after they are processed. The fatty acids can be obtained from diet that contains foods such as fish, eggs, poultry, and whole grains. One such group of fatty acids is the omega 3-6-9 family. Thus, omega 3 6 9 benefits cannot be sidelined.

Omega Acids

Why is the need to Consume Omega Acids?

The Omega acids are extremely essential for the human body framework in order to function properly and grow. The reason as to why you need to consume the omega 3 acids is because the metabolism works on this. The main reasons for the consumption of fatty acids are:

  • The omega acids reduce the risk of diseases such as heart attacks
  • They reduce the probability of diseases that are related to heart in totality
  • The omega acids are essential for removing the resistance of insulin from the body that is extremely important for diabetic patients
  • They help people recover from depression and other psychological problems

Which foods give you omega 3 6 9?

Omega 3-6-9 can be derived from foods such as: Walnuts, hazelnuts, flaxseeds, eggs, fish, almonds, salmon, olives, avocado, extra virgin olive oil and green vegetables such as spinach.

The Benefits That the Omega 3-6-9 Family Gives You

There are multiple omega 3 6 9 benefits that can be derived from food and are extremely important for human health. These are:

  • Omega 3 acid helps in reducing asthma, diabetes, digestive problems, some categories of cancer, and psychological issues
  • The omega 9 fatty acid ensures that your heart is in perfect condition, maintains cholesterol levels, and keeps improving the functioning of immune system
  • The omega 6 acid helps in reducing pain in nerves, combats inflammation, improves bone health, and controls blood pressure
  • The omega 9 acid is essential in increasing the good cholesterol and decreasing the bad cholesterol levels in the body

Thus, one should always ensure that the body maintains its levels of fatty acids essential for a good health.