Limitations of using optical devices

An optical device is nothing but a device which is used to project your presentation in a theoretical or pictorial format. If these presentations are satisfying all the requirements, then this optical device is consumed as qualitative and quantitative assured product. In short these are known as Star Projectors. There are different sides of benefits in using these devices and along with limitations are also referable while purchasing this product.

optical device in dark rooms

Let’s focus on the following limitations:

  • Star projectors are effectively experiencing a bright viewable experience when it is placed and used in dark rooms. So you can have a clear view of your presentation when you prefer dark rooms respectively. If the image quality you presented is less, you need not worry while presenting through this optical device in dark rooms. Moreover, it maintains the same picture quality with high resolution factors.
  • Maintenance of using these optical devices is preferred. It was because if you use this device for more than required and assured hours, it leads in damaging of lamps. So replacement is necessary in this scenario. One must aware of the basic cost of replacing these lamps is approximately 300$ to 400$ respectively. You are also required to use these devices in a certain limited manner like this product life span do matters more. Here maintenance of air filters plays a major role. You need to clean them and are required to replace it for every 2 months. If you use lamps in a limited session, then you are required to replace it for 2 or 3 years. Otherwise you have to spend more money on replacing these lamps every time compared to purchasing of product.
  • Moreover these devices are available in different colors especially it happens due to DLP technology. You will get the view of separation of different colors in an image you created. You have to simply set up different color settings in the provided options of the product. This technology may cause side effects in which it sometimes led the people unwatchable too due to its spinning color wheel in the device which has DLP technology. Mostly many of these devices are using this technology to see different color separation artifacts.


By following certain limitations which are discussed above, you can use your device perfectly when they are connected to any kind of smart devices like laptop, TV, PC and all.