Things To Check While Buying Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley is one of the most popular eyewear brands in the world and they are known for designing innovative eyewear products. They provide eye protection for the US military and various popular athletes groups. There are various categories of sunglasses available such as lifestyle sunglasses, sports sunglasses, youth sunglasses and much more. There are also eyeglasses and goggles available. While buying sunglasses from any Oakley outlet, you should keep the following things in mind.

buying sunglasses from any Oakley outlet

Lens Technology –

Oakley sunglasses are popular for their uniquely designed frames and lenses variety. There are various types of technologies used in designing the lenses. The polarized lenses are the most popular as they block vertical lights and glares and prevent eye irritation, strain, and other issues. As a matter of fact, they are recommended for water sports and driving. Photochromic lenses have the property to adjust to the change of light intensities. The shades get darker in bright days and lighter during darker conditions. Gradient lenses are also very popular and they protect the eyes from overhead sunlight and the bottom part makes clear visibility. There are double gradient lenses available.

Lens Tints and Coatings –

Most of the people think that the color of the lenses is for fashion purposes but different tints and coatings have different functionalities and suitability. For example, the gray and green ones will make the object’s color look the same as original while cutting down the intensity of light. The blue ones are only for fashion and for regular use. The brown ones manipulate the colors of the objects and they are mainly for outdoor use but not good for driving. Therefore, you should know well about the color you are choosing before buying one from Oakley outlet in order to suit it for your purpose of usage.

Frame Size – You can visit a local eye clinic and get the exact measure of your bridge, temple, and eye size so that you can buy the right frame size for you. Mismatch of frame size will make you look awkward.

Apart from these, you have to check the frame material used and their pros and cons, the different types of protections the sunglasses are providing like UV protection and you should also check the lens material used.