Why Detangling Hair is Important and Some Tips for You

Why Detangling Hair is Important and Some Tips for You

Tangled hair is frustrating because you cannot brush or comb through it. If you brush or comb through it, it will be painful. Aside from that, tangled hair looks jumbled and messy. Fixing it will take forever. This is normal but you have to know how to detangle it properly. Detangling is a critical part of hair care.

There are others who simply ignore it because they do not understand how detangling is important for the hair. Here’s why it is important for you:

It is easy to style

If you want to style your hair, detangling will make it easy for you. If you try to style a tangled hair, it is kind of a hassle. It will make your hairstyle look like a frizzy mess.

It prevents breakage

Detangling can also prevent breakage. Your hair is frequently shedding and that is natural. However, breakage is not. It can be avoided if you detangle often. Even if it is just finger detangling at least twice or thrice a week. If you comb out tangled hair, it will cause lumps and it will lead to breaking off.

It can retain length

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Since detangling can prevent breakage, it will definitely retain the length of your hair. Instead of trimming it more frequently, you should first consider detangling.

Now that you know the importance of detangling, you should know some tips to make your experience better. Here are some tips:

Finger detangling

Finger detangling can separate the strands of your hair. It is important that you detangle first with your fingers before using a comb. Your finger is effective because you can feel major knots or tangles and you can pull them apart gently.

Using big tooth combs

When you comb, it is crucial that you start at your ends first then work your way up. Starting from the top can cause more tangles and it will damage your hair. Using big tooth combs is better when it comes to detangling major knots than small or fine tooth comb.

Use products

If you do not have the time and patience to tackle your tangles, you can use products like demelant cheveux. The good thing about products is that it will support hair health by preventing shedding and breakage. If you consider this, combing will be a lot easier because it will give a valuable slip keeping the hair smooth.

Remember that the more hydrated the hair is, the less susceptible it is to knots or tangles. Detangling products will accumulate ingredients on the surface of the hair fiber to smooth rough edges. Aside from detangling products, you can also consider a conditioner or hair mask. When you are choosing a product, keep in mind your hair type. The thickness of your hair will determine if you need a heavier or lighter hair product.

Detangle in sections

If you separate your hair into different sections, detangling will be easier. Focusing on one section at a time is less stressful than tackling your whole head at once. Detangling in sections will also ensure that you get all the parts of your hair.

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