4 Reasons Dating Apps are Better than Online Sites

If you are single, chances are you have already made the rounds in various matching apps and sites. Though in reality, its objectives are the same, you’ll be surprised to know that there are several benefits in using apps.

With most people having access to mobile phones, it is much more convenient to join a dating app. At the moment, you will find more people browsing through their mobile phones in contrast to a laptop.

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On that note, here are 4 reasons why apps are better than online sites:

Offers Ease of Access

 With the use of your mobile phone or tablet, you can access apps while waiting on the bus line, on the train, inside the grocery, or while waiting in the reception area of your dentist. Being portable gadgets, you can access your account anywhere you want. No need to rush home just to check on your account activity.

Besides that, most interfaces of apps are straightforward and profiles are short and sweet. In any case, you’ll definitely avoid those long narrative profiles.

 Allows You to See Singles Nearby

 Today’s devices commonly include GPS. As a result, some apps provide location tracking. It will allow you to find fellow singles in your area or even see your exact distance from them.

If you’re both eager to meet, then here is your chance to meet in a nearby cafe, restaurant, or any safe public place within your vicinity.

 Tends to be Niche-specific

 Now here is where it comes interesting, if you’re into finding a specific type of mate, apps can surely help you with that.

You can finds apps catering to women looking for men with beards or singles looking for dates matching their musical tastes. Love your dog that much? You can find an app that will allow you to find a date through your dog.

Sounds intriguing, right? If you have been failing to find that ideal match, these niche-specific sites may be the solution to your problem.

 Shows Your Mutual Friends

 Another benefit of apps is that the latest formats are now integrated with the most popular social media platforms. Its advantage is that you can simply check your potential date’s social media profile and find out if you have similarities with them.

Aside from the basic information, you can learn from their social media accounts what school they graduated from, their hobbies, places they have traveled, movies they have seen, and lastly if you have mutual friends.

If you like what you saw from their profile and you have mutual friends, it’s quite easy to send a message to that mutual friend and verify if what’s posted in the account are all true. In that sense, apps provides a feeling of comfort.