Polygraphs act as screening tool for employees

lie detector testIn the current generation, candidates will get screening test to be done initially before going for technical and other rounds for qualifying an interview. Similarly, this lie detector test also performs the duties by initially conducting screening process as a tool for specifying whether the person is authentic or not. In order to clarify issues, these tests are performed especially with hazardous criminals.

Role of EPPA:

There is an employee polygraph protection act (EPPA) which is introduced under a federal law in 1988. This law deals with eradication of this lie detector test like polygraphs upon private sector employees from requests or demands to take up this test.But this act is not applicable in some industries including pharmacy, manufacturing companies and to security providers. Moreover employers those who have experienced this test may not check with the results too as they are not allowed. Moreover an employee has a right to refuse this test under this act of law.

During some situations, an employee is strictly recommended to take this test if he is committed fraud to the company especially if any physical damage occurs to the company this law permits an employee to take this test. This is one of the options provided favorably to the companies to catch that criminal culprit in some major issues.When an employee accepts the offer letter, he feels uncomfortable in facing out these tests in cases of company-incurred losses are in large amounts. There are more amounts of benefits resided for a selected employee rather than for a company, but during some circumstances only, he has to accept and face the law when he is predicted as a culprit.


Hence these tests not only find out the real culprit but also justify awareness to the people especially the ones who are lying. Moreover a screening test for selecting an employee is acceptable by all the people, but when it comes to company damage related issues, these polygraphs are considered as screening tools to identify the fraud employee. But courts do not recommend using these tests unless and until the criminal is very typical. These tests are performed with employees of the company, criminals of the country and to all the dangerous people those who do not accept and tell the truth even though the application of different techniques involved are based on law.