Taking it a Notch Higher with New Experience!

Taking it a Notch Higher with New Experience!

After watching movies on big screens in 2D, then in 3D, 4D, and now recently D-Box, the consumer experience of watching movies has been elevated in standard. The tickets for D-Box movies cost a lot more than the normal tickets. According to statistics, people prefer to pay that extra amount only when they’re watching a movie which falls in the action or thriller genre rather than a romantic or comedy genre. This is due to the fact that there is a wholesome experience is the previous mentioned genres compared to the latter ones. This makes the experience very immersive as the chair moves with every turn, jolt, roll and heave of the camera on screen. The gaming industry has also warmed up to the idea of D-Box gaming and also taken it a notch higher by adding the VR Gear into the picture. It has become a very engaging activity and has enhanced consumer experiences to another level. This D-box digital technology is under a company D-box Technologies, Inc. which is also traded on the Toronto stock exchange under the ticker DBO.

idea of D-Box gaming

Technology Making Life Easier and Fun too!

This is used in many museums and planetariums to make the experience more memorable and enjoyable which can attract more people towards the subject as well as the place. There are such experiences available in some themed parks with various different short movies for people to have a good time. Keeping aside the entertainment part aside, D-box digital is also used for simulations and training purposes. The different types of simulators can be created for flights, cars, heavy equipment, and Defence. They are immensely useful for training purposes as they help you have an almost real life experience with you experiencing every move and jerk, without the material or personal damage factor to worry about. This technology is also doing wonders in the health industry by helping bring by robotic therapy and making wellness solutions better and cost efficient. This is benefiting people in need on a large scale. This technology is not just limited to creating enhancing consumer experiences but it also makes life a lot easier.

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