A lot of people around the world looks forward to every year to something new in the world of technology since impossible is just an understatement when it comes to its rapid innovations and progresses it has made in developing new advancements for the convenience of all. A few years ago, Android was first introduced in the Information Technology (IT) industry which from then on, forever changed the face of mobile phones. The innovation of mobile development trends in Android until now still left consumers and users around the world in awe.enterprise software solutions

In this article, we will give you enough reasons why android software development innovation from Google does it is very best in giving everyone an easier life to live in. When it comes to innovation, Google developed Instant Apps. These types of applications can be installed with the absence of internet or data connection which provides a quicker and easier access for users to download their preferred applications which is as simple as clicking a button just like downloading a regular application with an internet connection. Moreover, it can only be downloaded by parts as the full version is only available online but still, it can be used by the user whenever, wherever.

This is very useful and handy for people who direly need to utilize their preferred applications like traffic apps, weather update apps, and other apps that are part of a person’s regular routine. Aside from developing apps which are available for download offline through Instant Apps, there was also a development when it comes to security for your apps. Of course, everyone’s main concern nowadays is the security for their applications. Innovative and more secured applications are also available through Instant Apps in the latest Android version which is the version 6.0 or the Nougat version which is now mainly utilized in most smartphone users worldwide. Its technology uses a core in runtime permissions model which integrates the newest Android version which mainly focuses not just in application enhancements but also the security feature.enterprise software solutions

To add more, the application’s total security also increased dramatically due to the automatic updates on the security app’s features which not just makes your phone safer but creates more interaction with other apps to promote stronger security. Artificial Intelligence has become a big trend nowadays, Android has developed voice assistants and chatbots in the latest Android phone models and other mobile devices while game developers are aiming to create more intelligent AI into their newest game releases to create a more real-life feeling for every gamer around the world.

What makes it even remarkable is that computers that have AI capability can solve human tasks using the latest software for this specific technological advancement. That is why the Google Assistant was developed and introduced to the market to serve as an AI assistant to Android mobile device users virtually, although there are demands that developers should create an actual AI prototype that will be later on developed into an actual robot which has an AI capability.